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ASSEDIC, TRENDS, APICIL, Falkland Island, RENAULT, ATHERYS, SADRIN RAPIN, Newport, SANOFI Pasteur, AREVA, CORTAL Consors, Lufthansa, DANONE, ID Logistic, VARILUX, RANDSTAD intérim,...

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du 8 oct. 2008

3B Impact : advertising cube
The CUBE MAGIC is a fun advertising object brought to you by 3B Impact.


The Cube Magic Calendar
8 oct. 2008

Calendars, along with pens, are the most distributed business gifts.

Giving a calendar as an advertising object that be produced to reflect your company's image is an excellent way to awareness about it.

The Cube Magic Calendar

The cube magic has 12 sides, just as a year has 12 months.

It’s the perfect opportunity to communicate in a useful and fun manner.

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